• schnellfahrer
    schnellfahrer op 4 février 2016 · 21:18

    How about this; if you have the luxury; how about seeing this as your primary obligation. Obviously there are obligations far more important than this, like taking care of your children, taking care of your parents when they get old, contributing to your community and what not. But of the less important things, what can be more important then your obligation, your duty to find something that you simply can not live without doing. Something that fills you up, and lifts your soul like yoga, or watching football or takes you down to earth like gardening or firewood chopping. To me this activity is well... Skiing. Surprised?. No reason to explain this to who ever might know me, or any passionate skier. And theres so many aspects of skiing, and theres so much to say about fooling around outside in the snow. But the bottom line is that its good fun and it simply fills my mind.
  • schnellfahrer
    schnellfahrer op 4 février 2016 · 21:47


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