DIY: CHAPTER 4: The Pyrenees

Par Arjen sur 31 mars 2016 · 0

In Chapter 4 of DIY, Xavier goes back to his Pyrenean roots to conquer his childhood dreams.


The Pyrenees is where Xavier spent his formative years but rarely has he had the opportunity to go back to the peaks that captured his youthful imagination. A big storm in the forecast meant Xavier seized the opportunity and headed for the motherland.


Aulon is a small, lost village near to St. Lary with inexhaustible riding opportunities straight out the door. Xavier grabs the moment to explore these with brother Francois, hunting out adventures, in what feels like their private playground.

Pic du Midi

But backyards aren’t enough for Xavier and with perfect conditions he has his eye on the prize, the famous Pic Du Midi, a mountain that has enraptured Xavier since childhood. Riding with brother Polo, the excellent conditions meant that they could push the boundaries far more than a childhood Xavier could ever imagine.


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