FWT champion Estelle Balet dies in avalanche

Par Arjen sur 19 avril 2016 · 0

Very sad news coming out of Switzerland today. Estelle Balet, the world champion of the Freeride World Tour died on Tuesday morning. She was carried away by an avalanche while filming a movie in Portalet in Orsières.

Avalanche beacon, shovel and probe

According to various sources, the accident happened shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning. Estelle was the second one to ride a couloir when an avalanche was triggered. She was equipped with an avalanche beacon, shovel, probe and airbag and was wearing a helmet, but unfortunately that wasn't enough to safe her. Resuscitation came too late.

Verbier Xtreme

Estelle was just 21 years old and won the Xtreme in Verbier a couple of weeks ago, after she was crowned freeride world champion. Our thoughts are with family and friends.

FWT15 - Run of Estelle Balet (SUI) - Swatch... door FreerideWorldTourTV


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