Kickstarter: High performance, affordable powder jackets

  • martijnjegerings
    martijnjegerings op 18 juillet 2016 · 07:55
    Dear Powder-addicts,

    A bit more than a year ago, we, a group of powder-addicts, started a journey. We didn't feel like paying 600-800€ for a good jacket and decided, why not make the best powder jacket ourselves.

    You can now check it out on Kickstarter:

    It's made of high performance, eco-friendly materials. Functionally shaped, packed with lots of useful features and made affordable by the most open company in the outerwear industry.

    We teamed up with Sympatex to offer a great quality material, which is 100% made out of recycled bottles. We added lots of useful features and made the jacket affordable.

    We did so by cutting out the middle men and selling directly over the internet. This way we can offer the jackets for €389,-. However, during the Kickstarter campaign you can already get the jackets from as low as €279,-

    Would love to get feedback from you guys.
    What do you think about the jacket?
    What do you think about the concept?

    Thanks a lot!

    Martijn Jegerings
    Open Wear


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