Winter voor de deur, SPLITBOARD TE KOOP!

  • RidetheGlobe
    RidetheGlobe op 21 septembre 2016 · 11:43
    Selling my well loved, well ridden split board. It's a Venture, made in Colorado, 150cm long. A very directional board which LOVES to float through some deep pow, but also does a great job in spring conditions! It comes with all the gear you need to be ready for your first day out! Spark R&D Blaze bindings, G3 split board skins, Black Diamond Poles and even a pair of crampons. Come get it now before you regret it and sit behind your window when everyone else is getting after it but you can't 'cause the lifts are not going yet........ SPLIT BOARDING IS THE ANSWER!
  • raoulvos
    raoulvos op 21 septembre 2016 · 15:17
    Whats the price you have in mind for this set?
  • RidetheGlobe
    RidetheGlobe op 21 septembre 2016 · 20:17
    Hi @raoulvos (sorry kan ook in t Nederlands). Heb m momenteel te koop staan voor €750,-!
  • RidetheGlobe
    RidetheGlobe op 28 septembre 2016 · 10:40
    Splitboard moet echt voor de winter iemand anders gelukkig gaan maken, dus doe een bod!
  • raoulvos
    raoulvos op 29 septembre 2016 · 13:43


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