Freeride World Tour Qualifier in Japan

Par Arjen sur 29 septembre 2016 · 0

The Freeride World Tour is expanding to Asia in January 2017. Situated high in the so-called renowned “Japanese Alps”, the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) competition will take place in Hakuba, Nagano in an area reputed for spectacular terrain, abundant snow and optimal early season conditions.

Most ski resorts in the world

This prestigious FWQ 4 stars event is the first step in the development of freeride activities in Japan, a country strong of over 100 years of skiing culture. Did you know that Japan has more ski resorts than any other country in the world? With the increasing popularity of the sport in Japan and talented young athletes looking for professionalized events and a gateway to worldwide recognition, this expansion into the country opens door to the possibility of seeing one day a Japanese Freeride World Tour (FWT) World Champion.


National and international competitors will have a chance to qualify for the 4 stars event through an open FWQ 2 stars event to be held on the 11th of January in a more accessible venue in Hakuba.

The powder in Hakuba can be pretty good. As in: really good!


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