Cervinia for Easter trip?

  • jaakkokarhu
    jaakkokarhu op 6 janvier 2017 · 00:09
    Me and my friends are planning a Easter trip to Alps. I'd like to go to Cervinia - the area looks cool and I haven't discovered those parts yet.

    I know that nothing can be said about the snow conditions four months ahead, but is there something I should take in consideration? How is the base there at the moment? Do you have better suggestions? And is there any website where I could compare the snow history of the areas?

    Thank you in advance!
  • Karlis
    Karlis op 6 janvier 2017 · 10:21
    Cervinia is one of the highest places to ski in the Europe - at that time they should have one of the best snow conditions. You can even get lucky and ski some pow. We got 35cm of good pow there last year 1st of May. They have a good base.
    PS. If you need any recommendations about accommodation there or transfer from airports - just let me know. I work in tourism and I'm in the Alps all of the winter.
    PSS. We plan to go there last week of April (we will take our mountainbikes with us too). 😀
    Sending it :)
  • jaakkokarhu
    jaakkokarhu op 6 janvier 2017 · 10:39
    Hey Karlis, thank you for your reply! I quickly checked booking.com yesterday and found this listing: http://www.booking.com/hotel/it/chez-gabriele.en-gb.html... The location seems ok and the price is quite fair, what do you think? If you have better suggestions for accommodation, please tell! The final amount of ppl joining is not known yet, but I am booking a place for 5+ people.

    The transfer from airport might be needed! The guys are flying either to Milan or Turin, depending which one is cheapest from Helsinki.

    You can also shoot me a message to email, if you have something in your mind: jaakko.st.karhu[at sign here, trying to avoid spam bots]gmail.com
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 7 janvier 2017 · 15:40
    Consider MonteRosaSki as well: Champoluc/Gressoney/Alagna.


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