need a location recommendation...

  • matthewdoyle
    matthewdoyle op 16 janvier 2017 · 18:43
    So the wife and I have return flights to geneva for Jan 28 to Feb 6th with a rental car booked. Didn't book any accommodations to wait on snow conditions.

    Looking for a good amount of freeride with a couple days of ski touring too. We are spending Feb 3 to 6 in Chamonix area but was looking for suggestions on where to go during the rest of the time. Getting a bit stressed that accommodations are booking up fast.

    Really wanted to check out Monterosa region, but not sure on conditions. St Anton area looks amazing but accommodations seem quite expensive.

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated, willing to drive to find the goods!
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 18 janvier 2017 · 12:39
    @matthewdoyle you will be in the Alps during low season. Besides the weekends it should be fairly easy to find some acco. Especially if you are willing to drive some distance instead of ski in/out.
    May the powder be with you.


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