Update - 4 Valleys (Les 4 Vallées, Valais, Switzerland)

  • kanski
    kanski op 13 février 2017 · 21:16

    More and more big lines are being skied in the 4 Valleys, like bec des Etagnes etc..
    But stay alert! Still very risky off piste in the 4 Valleys.

    Today patrollers mined "le Grand Alou" (nature reserve) to protect the road Nendaz-Siviez.
    After being battered for day with gassex the face gave away after 1 pack of dynamite. The avalanche crown was 1m20 high! North facing.

    About noon the backbowl behind Greppon Blanc 1 into l'Eteygeon came down probably spontaneously! This backbowl has had already multiple avalanches last week, but that what was still on the face has come down today! East face.

    The east face of "Le Fou" has come down "spontaneously" last week!
    If you look at the percentage of the face which was apparently instable...
    means we have a avalanche degree 3++
    Never ski faster than your guardian Angel can fly!


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