PA #12: Deep in the Kleinwalsertal

Par Arjen sur 7 mars 2017 · 0

PowderAlert #12 is on and with snow coming from the north the Kleinwalsertal is always a good idea. We found great snow on the Walmendingerhorn today. It was dumping when we arrived yesterday and it snowed a lot throughout the day today. Riding in the trees was key today. No idea how much snow exactly came down, but it was deep enough.

You snooze you loose

Right time, right place. There will be more visibility tomorrow, but the temperature will also rise and that won't be positive for the avalanche danger. Anyway, they won't take away these days from us.

Which lines?

We rode these lines in the Kleinwalsertal today. Almost continuously between the trees and within what was possible according to the current avalanche forecast. And that was more than enough to have a good day. There wasn't much competition, only a few other riders, almost all locals, so powder panic just wasn't there.

Let's hope March will bring more of these days! Hopefully these little prayers will help a bit!


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