Partner for Norway Skitouring Trip

  • PowderThor
    PowderThor op 24 mars 2017 · 21:20
    Hi guys!

    I've been to Tromso and the Lyngen alps last year.
    The plan was to go to norway again this spring but unfortunately all my skitouring partners are either injured or not available for this time.
    I'm planing to go there from mid april to mid mai.
    Although I'm pretty young (19) I've done quit a few tours and have been alot in the mountains, so I would call myself experienced.
    I like to ride more "extrem" stuff and not the normal skitour stuff.
    I'm from germany stuttgart but I've spend the last two winters in Innsbruck.
    Would be really cool if I could find someone or a group that is already planing to go up there.
    I know some guys in Tromso but I won't be able to ride with them all week long.
    Do you guys maybe know a other forum where I could ask?
    Ah I've a van but it's not that well converted so I don't know if it's great for 2 persons.
    Hope you can help me out



  • bigbadwolfen
    bigbadwolfen op 4 avril 2017 · 08:42

    Would love to join you but sadly ive got exams and lots of work during that time... I would recomend you to check the norwegian skiforum as well as the swedish one

    Hope you find someone to go with, it sounds epic!


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