Engleberg and other accesible options Friday/Sat/Sun

  • wlf
    wlf op 26 avril 2017 · 00:14
    With the good snow forecast I'm looking at doing an end of season trip over from London. Looking at the resorts that are still open where there will be good powder, and are within a reasonable journey(car or train) from an airport (Milan, Zurich, Munich or maybe Geneva).

    Looking at Morris' list of potential areas in the latest report(none of which I'm familiar with), Engleberg looks to be one of the better options. But looking at the lift status, there does not seem to be much left open. Will there be enough to keep me busy for 2-3 days?

    What about other options? Corvatcsh looks OK but not sure if the top lift is closed for the season.

    Stubai Glacier looks to have heaps of terrain but far from any airport except Innsbruck which doesn't have any suitable flights.

    Feedback on above or any other suggestions greatly appreciated and thanks Morris for the site, very useful for a trip I had earlier in the season.


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