How to Snowboard in Powder

  • snbdojowiz
    snbdojowiz op 9 juin 2017 · 11:25
    People love snowboarding and powder days are specially the most favorite time of snowboarders. It brings new enthusiasm and excitement in their minds to enjoy this fun and recreational activities. But powder riding is different from normal snowboarding rides. Snowboarding in powder requires special training and certain techniques and strategies. Follow are few snowboarding tips to ride in powder.

    In order to turning tight, then avoid it in powder; here we should go for light pressure when turning around in powder. Turning a hard turn will cause burrow you in snow and you will find yourself in down snow. So to keep a protective shield in powdered snow, one must go for light pressure moves. The error made by most snowboarders is while turning in powder they usually lean over the snowboard’s nose followed by the upper body to force a turn.

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