Fresh snow for the high alpine this weekend

Par meteomorris sur 5 septembre 2017 · 0

The storm of last weekend was a good one. Around 50 cm of fresh snow came down and the first powder turns are there. A new storm will also make an attempt to bring snow to the Alps. The jet stream will turn to the west to northwest the next couple of days and this will bring cold and humid air to western Europe.

The current will turn to the west to northwest
The current will turn to the west to northwest

It is expected that the fronts that will bring the snow will reach the Alps this weekend and it will probably go like this. The current comes from the southwest at first with warm air, but the temperature will drop in the night from Saturday to Sunday. This will result in a dropping snow line (to 2000 - 2200 meters). That is, if the jet stream will hit the Alps at its full force.

This weekend

You can expect some updates from my side the next couple of days. This is the scenario:

  • A warm front arrives on Friday/Saturday with lots of precipitation in the southern Alps on Saturday
  • The cold front will come in on Saturday and the current will turn to the west to northwest. The exact direction of the current will determine how much snow will come down and up to which altitude
  • The weather will be unstable from Sunday and the temperature will drop

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