Update: which resorts are already open?

Par Arjen sur 25 octobre 2017 · 0

It's been snowing in the northern Alps and more and more resorts are opening their lifts. The video above (just click on the image) says it all. The Stubaier Glacier is in great condition. Most of the glaciers have opened their lifts already. Check out which resorts are already open (or will open soon) below. More resorts will be added to the list the next couple of weeks.

Which lifts are already running?

Some glacier resorts already opened their lifts and more and more resorts will open their lifts the next couple of weeks. If you're planning on skiing or snowboarding the next couple of weeks, don't forget to check the website of the resort and don't forget to check the weather forecast. A white out or a storm are not the perfect weather conditions on a glacier. Stay on the slopes as well. It's still early season (if we can speak of a season already) and pretty much all of the crevasses are open and visible, sometimes a couple of meters next to the groomed slopes. The next couple of weeks will be perfect to feel the snow again, to work on your technique and your legs!

Already open

Even Kitzbühel is open thanks to snow farming.

Opening soon in Austria

Opening soon in France

Opening soon in Italy

Opening soon in Switzerland


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