• soulski
    soulski op 1 novembre 2017 · 10:57

    Let me introduce you to our guiding platform.
    Based in Innsbruck we offer regional and international skitrips in all variations. We do customize guidings and trips to the wishes and demands of our clients and mix this with a vast aerial knowledge. So if you visit the Alps for skiing or a backcountry tour OR if you want to go to places like Norway, Japan, Russia, the Pyrenees, etc - we'd be happy to share our passion and to offer you a custom trip. We are a group of mountain guides with an extra feeling for snow!

    Here you can follow our INSTAGRAM picture diary: https://www.instagram.com/zeit_fuer_draussen/
    This is our contact: http://zeit-fuer-draussen.at/drinnen/kontakt-zfd.html...

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