Swellpanik Magistral 182

  • karenadamyan
    karenadamyan op 2 mars 2018 · 07:48
    Decided to sell my beloved Swellpanik Magistral 182 (2018 year model)

    Custom very rare topsheet wood - Ziricote.

    Used for 2 weeks in Japan.
    Need money for family issues (will skip next season so better for someone else to exploit this glorious board!)

    Price is 600euros but can be negotiated. Can ship worldwide and can pay the shipping costs.

    The board has some scratches on the veneer from a "benevolent" skier but can be easily repaired. The base is in perfect condition and has been waxed for conservation purposes.

    email: kadamian@gmail.com

  • karenadamyan
    karenadamyan op 10 mars 2018 · 10:55
    550 euro!


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