At least four people killed in an avalanche in France

Par Arjen sur 2 mars 2018 · 0

Very sad news from France. At least four people are killed in an avalanche near Entraunes, close to the Col de la Cayolle in the southern region of the Alpes-Maritimes. Next to the four people that passed away, another one is hurt, according to the local police. (source) Our thoughts go out to family and friends of the victims...


A group of six people were ski touring close to the National Park of the Mercantour. They weren't skiing close to a resort. The group consisted of five ski tourers and their guide. They left around 10.00 AM on Friday and the report about the avalanche came in around 12.00. The guide wasn't harmed in the accident.

Avalanche risk: HIGH

The avalanche danger in the region was HIGH (4 on a scale of 5) according to Météo France. A lot of snow came down in the region and there's still snow in the forecast.

(c) Météo France
(c) Météo France


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