Powfinder is looking for ambassadors

Par dr.Gear sur 6 mars 2018 · 1

Getting all nervous when the snow starts to fall? Do you love riding powder all day? Are you a snowboarder? Would you like to have your next Powfinder snowboard for free? Then you definitely should apply for Powfinder Ambassador and become part of the Powfinder Family.

Everyone can apply. Men, women, weekend warrior, montagnard, powderhound, boy or girl. At Powfonder they have the following philosophy: 'the best snowsurfers are those with the biggest smiles'. When you think you can add value to the Powfinder Family then you shoud apply.

At Powfinder they worship their ambassadors and will return the favour: Maybe you get a Morris 157 or a Morris 164 or one their upcoming shapes for free. But the least they will do at Powfinder is give you a “Welcome-to-the-Powfinder-family-ambassador-deal”. Can’t loose!


  • philipvantiersenfurn
    philipvantiersenfurn op 6 mars 2018 · 16:15
    I am a candidate!!! 😃))) i sniff the powder as a dog sniffs the food


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