ski buddy in la Grave / Monetier / Montgenevre

  • Polhovsky
    Polhovsky op 17 mars 2018 · 22:52
    Hi there,

    In case you're interested to explore the backcountry of la Grave, Monetier or Montgenevre in the next couple of days, let me know. I'll be around March 18 - 23.

  • NicZH
    NicZH op 19 mars 2018 · 14:50
    Hi Paul,

    Are you there? Looks very sunny but what about powder? Are you alone, with a guide?

  • MorningBrewer
    MorningBrewer op 23 mars 2018 · 18:59
    On the way there now! Any advice??
  • Polhovsky
    Polhovsky op 25 mars 2018 · 22:09
    Montgenevre is a great resort with plenty of freeride options (just check out everything around Roche de l'Aigle with climbing le Chenaillet being a special option), a nice atmosphere and not the big crowds. Monetier is also great (the Yret chutes, Cucumelle and Montagnolle) but a bit more crowded. There is a lot of snow in the forecast for la Grave, try to hit it after a dump but check first with the guides. The lift can be closed or avalanche danger can be too high. Around the corner from Briancon you can also visit Puy St. Vincent but avalanche conditions are very tricky there right now making the backbowls not very appealing.
  • MorningBrewer
    MorningBrewer op 31 mars 2018 · 07:42
    Thanks for the tips. Weather was sunny so we did some touring in sestriere when the couloirs got icy in La Grave. Was an amazing resort, definitely heading back next year!


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