Breaking: Stelvio closed for the rest of the winter

Par meteomorris sur 1 novembre 2018 · 0

That was to be expected. They had to wait a long time for some snow, but it has snowed almost uninterrupted on the Stelvio since last weekend. They planned the closing weekend this weekend, but things are not going to happen anymore.

After a meeting with the prefecture of Sondrio and all the authorities of the Stelvio area they decided to close the ski area for the season. Due to the large amounts of snow and the harsh conditions it is not the best thing to open the Stelvio for a last weekend ski. To provide other guests that are still on the Stelvio pass a safe retreat towards the valleys of Sondrio, it has been decided to close the area for the rest of the winter.

The ski resort on the Stelvio is the only ski resort in the Alps that is only open during the summer. It is almost impossible in the winter to keep the pass free of snow. The opening of the ski area is planned for the end of May 2019, when snow plowers make their way through the snow cover of winter 18-19.

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