HIGH avalanche danger in the south of Switzerland and the north of Italy

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It's been snowing heavily in parts of the Alps. With the snow of the last few days, avalanche services in Switzerland have been awakened from their summer sleep. The first avalanche forecast of the Swiss avalanche service was published at the end of last week and there is a HIGH avalanche danger for the first time this year (4 on a scale of 5). The avalanche service in the Piedmont woke up as well and published an analysis earlier this week.

HIGH avalanche danger
HIGH avalanche danger

The continuing southern current resulted in a lot of precipitation, but also a lot of wind. Large quantities of snow have been transported locally.

In addition, it is snowing heavily since Wednesday afternoon. Locally, almost a meter of fresh snow has fallen. This fresh snow and the wind-drifted snow of the past few days resulted in an unstable snow cover. Any form of skiing or snowboarding off the slopes is currently not recommended by the avalanche services in the regions concerned.

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