Niche Knew 149 (2017/2018)

  • sicco1
    sicco1 op 30 novembre 2018 · 19:06
    This board is available on Marktplaats (look there for more images):

    I bought this Niche Knew 149cm (2017/2018 editie) at the start of this year and used it for 1 week. It is a real nice true twin freestyle board that can be used all across the mountain. I'm selling it because I bought the same snowboard, but a bit longer. My other baords are quite long and I noticed that prefer that. If you are a bit smaller/lighter and/or want a super easy to turn board then this is a great pick!

    See the promo movie of this Niche Knew:

    This snowboard is in good shape since I only used it for one week. There are no big damages, just some superficial traces of use.

    Niche makes some of the most sustainable snowboards available:

    For more information you can also take a look at the shop where I bought it:

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