Skitour Zillertal/Hochfugen

  • Kristof123
    Kristof123 op 30 décembre 2018 · 18:25
    Hi all,

    Anyone knows about a skitour in Zillertal for when it is snowing?
    Looking to ski some nice treelines.

  • eddy__jr
    eddy__jr op 3 janvier 2019 · 13:49
    Hi All,

    same here! Majority of my powder heavy days have been spent in the Arlberg region, but will spend the upcoming weekend in the area - with the forecasted dump I'd really prefer to avoid the exposed lines in Hochfügen & Kaltenbach, as amazing as they are.

  • hugoleb
    hugoleb op 3 janvier 2019 · 18:03
    I am looking for the same, Kristof - any ideas? We will be starting in Fugen.


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