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  • BASC
    BASC op 4 janvier 2019 · 21:36
    Kwam dit tegen via Facebook, dacht misschien vind iemand dit ook interessant:

    Er staan nog niet heel veel routes op maar volgens mij is het het idee dat je die moet kunnen toevoegen.
    Hier wat de eigenaar poste:

    "Hi everyone. I've been building this small side project by myself for a while now. It's an open source wiki of backcountry routes that you can add to, edit and share.

    It is still in its early days and I have a lot of features I want to add. A mobile app is also in the pipeline. Thought I would share it with you now and see what you think, if it is something you might use.

    Hope you are all getting some good turns in.
    Thank you."
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