Beyond the pistes - ski patrollers in La Clusaz

Par Arjen sur 20 février 2019 · 2

These people work everyday fuelled by nature, adrenaline and adventure. To them it's not a job it's a passion. An original insight into the lives of the ski patrollers in La Clusaz, France, capturing the true personalities, emotions and motivations of the men and women who work on the mountain every day.


  • NicZH
    NicZH op 21 février 2019 · 20:38
    Thanks for sharing this! My grandfathers spent their retirement age there, where I learnt skiing with le grand bornand resort too! beautiful place and terrific food.
    My god we don't progress in english but we don't give a shit!
  • romvag
    romvag op 26 février 2019 · 22:03
    Nice video. They struggle so much with English, typically French 😃 but they all look very nice and professional. And they seem to be pretty OK skiers too 😃


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