Grande Belleface - Reaching Nirwana

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Driving from Albertville towards Bourg Saint Maurice roads will end in winter. You’re entering the valley of the big ski station names. Winter period means; one way in, one way out. Summer cols (known from Tour du France etc) shut down during the seasonal period of snow. Tucked away between the lifted networks there is wild skiing to be found.


This week stars aligned for ski sauvage in the wild mountains of Beaufortain. Skinning towards the N/E range of Pointe de La Terrasse. On every side of the compass card it’s just white mountain wilderness. Through ski touring you can journey further towards Haute Savoie and Italy. If land was horizontal; the Mont Blanc is only a mere 15k skin away. Down in the valley around 1500 M there is the summer mountain col, Cormet du Roselend, that interlinks Bourg Saint Maurice with the town of Beaufort. When winter takes over, nature takes over.

1500 M

The N/E side shelters two linked couloirs with a complete different atmosphere. Interlinked by an open plateau. In total it brought 1500m of euphoric skiing. Gliding back over the snow covered route of Cormet du Roselend towards the outer villages of Bourg Saint Maurice. Partnered up with Justin Augay for a full day of travel through intense ambiance and skiing in tiptop conditions.


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