DPS alchemist wailer 184cm, vipec bindings, skins

  • manugreer
    manugreer op 11 avril 2019 · 12:18
    Hi, anyone interested in some near-new DPS Alchemist 112mm 184cm skis with Fritschi Vipec Evo bindings, and G3 Aplinist skins? A pretty darn good set-up for day touring and resort skiing - big, solid skis and bindings but still really light.

    I'm travelling in Switzerland and France until the end of this month. I have another pair of skis so I can reluctantly part with these ones.

    I can provide you with photos and a price on enquiry.
  • manugreer
    manugreer op 16 avril 2019 · 11:23
    Hi again, forgot to mention that they will also come with ski crampons. Used around 30 days, so everything is in great condition. Price is 1200 euros for the whole package


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