Snowboarding 2020 - Livigno

  • Heyyy_Mike_
    Heyyy_Mike_ op 12 avril 2019 · 14:37
    Hi all ... i'm new to the forum, great resource.

    My name is Mike, i'm from Scotland and I started snowboarding in October 2017(indoor), then went on my first mountain in February 2018 (Scotland, Glencoe), and my first away snowboarding trip this year to Cervinia.

    Me and my friend started off on Blue runs in Cervinia, and by the end of the week we tackled our first major red by going up to the top of the swiss border then coming down. It was challenging, we are still in the process of learning to carve at speed and bigger inclines, and my heel to toe turn still needs work.

    All that being said, we were thinking about going to Livigno next year, and I was wondering if anyone had been and what their thoughts were ...

    Secondly, any other suggestions away from Livigno are welcome, happy to spend money for the trip, but just dont want to go crazy.

    Me and my friend dont party at night, happy having a few beers or wine with good food.

    Many thanks. Mike


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