Historical data about snowfall in the Alps

  • albebrega
    albebrega op 7 mai 2019 · 18:04
    Hello everybody, I would like to know if anyone has access to some historical data concerning snowfall in the Alps. It would be interesting for me to read about the quantity of snowfall for different parts of the Alps each year. For example it would be interesting to me to analize snowfall data about the french southern alps, french northern alps, southern-western (italian alps), northern alps (Switzerland and Austria) and eastern (italian) alps. thank you in advance 😉
  • Mountainlodge
    Mountainlodge op 13 septembre 2019 · 08:30
    For Switzerland just go to https://www.slf.ch/de/lawinenbulletin-und-schneesituation/messwerte.ht... and click on the spot you want to have info about, search the year graph and it'll show you a ton of infos. Donn't try to compare north americans data with the ones here, the way it is measured and marketed is way different
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 15 septembre 2019 · 18:02
    #EUROBBI2020 !
  • Mountainlodge
    Mountainlodge op 22 septembre 2019 · 09:33
    oh yeah!!!!!!


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