First signs of winter coming up?

Par meteomorris sur 27 septembre 2019 · 0

September already brought the usual first snow and the autumn storms move further and further into Europe. In other words: the meteorological fall is starting to accelerate. And winter is showing more and more on the weather maps that it is on its way.

GFS and ECMWF: a slide coming up?

The most important weather models have been putting a so-called slide on the weather maps for about three days. In other words, a northwestern to northern current is heading towards the Alps. The name 'slide' is a pet name of weather freaks, meteorologists and powder hunters because of the slide that you could see on the weather map above. A slide means cold air from the north that is usually directly going to the northern Alps and that could mean snow for the northern Alps.

Snow on the weather maps

Our snow maps show snow again for the middle of next week and it is possible that the high alpine will get a fresh layer. Please keep in mind that it's still far away and therefore uncertain. It should take place in the middle of next week and certainly in the fall the models appear to be wrong more often than usual. That is because fo the enormous dynamics in the air currents in the northern hemisphere. The north pole cools down, the first snow falls in Siberia and Canada, the Atlantic is still warm with hurricanes as a result and the jet stream is hurled back and forth thanks to the temperature differences between the cold north and the warm south. In short, dynamics and, above all, a great time to look at our forecast maps again from time to time. A new fresh run is ready for you every morning, so that you can start the day with more or less stoke. Get ready, winter is coming, we can ride pow again in a month or two.


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