4FRNT Order

  • thgravo
    thgravo op 13 octobre 2019 · 14:47
    I would like to order a pair of 4FRNT skis, but since they only ship from the US I would like to split shipping costs. So if anyone is interested too - let me know!

  • Marci
    Marci op 24 octobre 2019 · 11:46

    Last year they had a very good deal, something like 2 skis for 800USD with shipping to the EU. If they have something like that this year I might be interested.
    That will be later in the season though.
  • samipall
    samipall op 2 novembre 2019 · 14:20
    I would be interested in splitting the shipping costs. I live in Austria. Just send me a message if you are still interested

  • marianne_stein
    marianne_stein op 4 décembre 2019 · 04:28
    hi there

    if you didnt order yet, i would be interested. it‘s just, that i‘m living in switzerland....



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