Looking for a group for freeride course

  • virginiasáez
    virginiasáez op 25 février 2020 · 16:25
    We are Jose and Virginia, from Spain. We are going to Alps, to The 4 Valley, next week, and we would like to take a week freeride ski course. We are looking for 1 to 4 people, that we need to make the course take place.
    The dates would be from 1st Marcth to 6th March (more or less, we can talk with the ski school).
    The price is 490 CHF per person. The ski school is Neige Aventure, the link for the course is the next: https://www.onthemountain.ch/en/activities/ski/nendaz/detail/freeride-...
    The skiing level would be adapted to the participating people.
    Please, answer if you are interested or if you know where we can find someone interested!!

    Thank you


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