Snowkite in Lapland

  • MarkdeZeeuw
    MarkdeZeeuw op 1 octobre 2013 · 19:31
    Hi ladies and gentlemen, I am thinking of doing a down-right adventure with kites, snowmobiles and skis in Lapland. Travelling a week from cabin to cabin with light gear. Does any one of you know if this has been done before, know any routes or have a connection in Lapland? We're also thinking of addressing local tourism and making a professional movie. I'm curious to what you think is possible. It seems awesome to me!!

  • KlasRydstrand
    KlasRydstrand op 7 octobre 2013 · 09:53
    Hi Mark,

    You might want to post your question on the Swedish freeride website, 'Freeride' - click this link and add your question by clicking 'Skapa ny tråd' or try using Google Translate. Everyone in the forum writes perfect English. Good luck!

  • MarkdeZeeuw
    MarkdeZeeuw op 7 octobre 2013 · 10:03
    Thank you Klas, we'll see how it goes!


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