Need help! Vote me to a freeski mountaineering camp!

  • Ghini
    Ghini op 14 janvier 2014 · 11:54
    Hi all,

    I could really use your help. Sorry to be that guy asking for votes, but I would really like to go. Like really really 😉

    Gore-tex is hosting a Freeski Mountaineering camp in La Grave. 5 people can go and will ski and climb for 3 days with Seb Michaud, Bruno Compagnet and Christophe Dumarest.
    Next to freeriding I used to climb, rock and ice, but that stopped for a few years when I took a nasty tumble. It was a miracle my body was ok, but my mind was broken.
    This camp could really help me to regain some lost skills and get me ready for ski trips that involve some climbing.
    Please help me go to this camp and vote here:

    (voting goes via email, click the link you receive from gore-tex, email might end up in your spambox)

    Thank you all!

    Br, Lambert


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