Guide in Montafon

  • Tlustoch
    Tlustoch op 3 février 2014 · 11:59
    I´m looking for a guide in Montafon area, who can show us some spots over there..Just for a day or two.
    We´ll be there with my buddy next week 8-15.2.2014.
    So, if you know anybody, please let me know..

    Thanks a lot
  • telemikey
    telemikey op 3 février 2014 · 21:16
    Heard OK stories about Hanno Donz:

    Maybe he can help you out. I think he's head the Montafon guiding bureau or something. For sure he should be able to point you in the right direction!
    White room,Pillow lines,I rule
  • Tlustoch
    Tlustoch op 6 février 2014 · 20:28
    Thanks man.. Trying to catch him on FB.


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