Next week in Ischgl

  • Adnan
    Adnan op 27 février 2014 · 20:17

    who will be next week in Ischgl. I am going there with my family but would like to find someone to go a day or two for free riding. Maybe we can find a local guide.

    Kind regards

  • telemikey
    telemikey op 28 février 2014 · 14:57
    You might want to contact WoutMartens on the wepowder.NL site (via PM?).
    Seems he's in Ischgl for the season. I can't say if he's time time to hook up but he might be able to point you in the right direction!
    White room,Pillow lines,I rule
  • Adnan
    Adnan op 28 février 2014 · 16:47
    Thnx - I have sent him a PM.


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