Huidige condities in La Grave

  • Ghini
    Ghini op 3 februari 2015 · 15:32
    Ik dacht ik deel het maar even..
    Sharing is caring ofzo..

    Joe Vallone (UIAGM / IFMGA gids en La Grave local) op Facebook:

    To my la grave family and friends. First 2 photos at 2900 meters north north east. We were able to kick this thing off very easily. R1D1 crown is 20 cm thick in places and shot 50-60 meters across. A very hard wind Slab is growing and loading rapidly in this entire zone as I write this.

    Super easy to trigger.

    Aggressive tracks in many places with no ski cuts.

    Kind of disturbing to see the free for all that is happening.

    Watch out at tension zones and rollovers.

    Lower down in the third photo is on what Doug Coombs used to call facet face.

    I backed off of a line that involved traversing this in its start zone today.

    Quick probes and a few hand shears later guess what I found.

    Easy shears and popping on a burried PWL only about 35 cm or so deep. This is buried surface hoar that grew in the arctic cold clear nights that we had before the storm. The pack is very shallow in this whole Zone. Averaging from 90 cm to 140 cm in most the face. Shallow pack plus PWL and facets to the ground is not a good recipe.

    The blocks I was shearing were about 30-35 cm and 1 finger hardness. Below the shear you can see some really rotten grains that continue and loose strength the deeper you go. A shit sandwich to the ground. The skiing here is incredible now if you are in tune with your slope angles but I would be watching temperatures very closely now and more importantly who and what is above you in this area. Be specially careful here if you see the rocks above the face catching some sun.

  • Remmie
    Remmie op 3 februari 2015 · 16:15
    " a shit sandwich"
  • Teleaddict
    Teleaddict op 4 februari 2015 · 13:58
    Joe post met regelmaat zeer gedetailleerde info over de sneeuwcondities op zijn Facebook pagina. Ook geregeld goede links naar allerhande snow safety kennis achtige artikelen. Erg interessant om te volgen!!

    En gedurende het hele jaar door enthousiaste verhalen en platen van mooie ski avonturen 😉


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