Obertauern - March 2015 (CW 11)

  • chmaot
    chmaot op 16 maart 2015 路 13:33
    Last Weekend i succesfully left vienna to visit my loved hometown Obertauern. Conditions on saturday were awsome. Bluebird and now wind. But after a few days of sunshine you really have to hike to ride and to earn your turn. Especially if you want to ski untracked. And that´s what i want to do all the time 馃槂 . We started at 9 a.m. and finished at 5 p.m. and still we were not able to ski more the 3000m vertical drop. But those ones we really enjoyed.

    Some impressions of the day.

  • evan
    evan op 16 maart 2015 路 18:28
    Great little edit again, thanks for sharing!
    It seems like you stayed on the same side of the mountain all day, with little competition. Nice to see a bit of Zauchensee in the background.
    I was there one day later, but we didn't ski the north face of the Seekarspitze. Did you access all of it through the Panoramabahn/Seekarspitzbahn or also through the Seekareckbahn?
    It looks great. Only the last part near Untertauern looks a bit complicated in current conditions, but it must be awesome with a thicker snow cover.
  • chmaot
    chmaot op 16 maart 2015 路 21:01
    snow to untertauern was super fluffy. was the best snow of the day. it stays powdery there until april. just evening sun. there are loads of opportunities. i accessed just one run over Seekarspitz, the rest over Seekarechbahn.
  • evan
    evan op 16 maart 2015 路 22:10
    The snow quality looked fine, but it seemed like the boulders, tree stumps etc. could use a little more snow.

    Thanks for the info, I'll hike a bowl further next time!
  • Jespervz
    Jespervz op 16 maart 2015 路 23:37
    Skileraar bruin Jelmer
  • chmaot
    chmaot op 19 maart 2015 路 09:13
    @evan - I think the alps could use a Little more snow this year 馃槂 . But i am afraid we have to get used to situations like this...
  • chmaot
    chmaot op 23 maart 2015 路 11:39
    Update from last weekend:

    Friday: Skiing warm in the "DeadEndCouloir" and afterwards we were exploring so new 35mins hike routes.

    Saturday: Skitour to the "Great Gurpitscheck". We wanted to ski the couloir there as well, but it was already to wet when we were there. So we had to ski the 1300hm into the Weißpriachtal. Great snow conditions.


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