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Door Juulski op 26 oktober 2010 · 2

Lorraine Huber is sponsored by KJUS, Kästle, Scott, Pieps, ABS, Garmont, Love your Feet

As I wrote earlier today, [url=]Lorraine Huber[/url] started pursuing her freeskiing career full-time in 2007. With an overall ranking of 11th place in the Freeride World Tour 2009, Lorraine most recently won the 2009 New Zealand Freeride Series. Last season her results were even better. She received a very late invitation to the Chamonix FWT, only 2 days before the competition was held. Of course she was super stoked to participate and took 4th place! She skied two FWT qualifier events and did well, she placed 3rd in Flaine and St. Moritz. In de second official stop in Fieberbrunn she ended 3rd again! In Jackson Hole she took 8th place. Overall she ended 7th in Freeride World Tour 2010. Unfortunately she only missed 50 points to place for the FWT 2011…

First of all, I wondered how she looked back on her season:
Lorraine: [i]“This season has been crazy busy! Each time I received a wildcard for the FWT only days before the event. I mean it is definitely great to be invited, but I could have done better with more preparation. I am super eager to put down a better result. Eventually my dream is to even win the FWT! Last season has just been so hectic, between the filming and de FWT. But I look back in a positive way.”[/i]

And next year?
[i]“This year I am not planning anything. My main focus will be on the FWT and I will coach a couple of camps again for my sponsors Kästle and Kjus I still love teaching and guiding and I am happy that I am still able to do this. Skiing as a sport has really progressed over the years. Competing in the FWT is super exciting, but also time consuming and expensive. This year there will be six stops, so that means being on the road for six weeks. Because the sport is so professional these days, you really have to train hard. ”[/i]

How do you train for the FWT?
[i]“The training is physical and mental. Of course I do lots of cardio, strength and skiing. This is pretty much year round. Last year I went to New-Zealand for the off season, which I really liked! I made so much progression and I like competing over there. But the mental work is just as important. To choose the line you want to ski, you want pictures of as many different angles as you can find to judge the steepness. I divide the line I want to ski in three sections and visualize it many, many times. First I think of how I want to ski the separate parts of the line, then I link them up. I need to know the line 100% to be able to charge it. So I spend hours studying with photographs and binoculars. This is actually what I really enjoy about competing, the puzzle solving aspect. It is always fun to see what lines others choose.”[/i]

Do you have a routine just before you drop into a line?
[i]“I really have to psych myself up, get the adrenaline flowing. I get in an aggressive mindset and think positive, affirmative thoughts. I’m completely focused and don’t to speak to others. I’m in my own little bubble, super focused and ready to shred hard. Also I rather go as one of the first instead of waiting around.. [/i]

So when you finally get to ski your line, everything goes an automatic pilot?
[i]“Ideally yes, but definitely not always.. Sometimes you lose your orientation. Also it is hard to judge distance. Maybe I thought beforehand I could do five turns before the drop, but then there is only room for three.. So you always have to adjust. That’s way it really helps if you have skied the face before. In the FWT they don’t let you ski it before, that is one of the reasons why it is so challenging. But if you know the area, it is an huge advantage. That is way the guys and girls who are winning the FWT are older, 30+ years old.[/i]

Lorraine’s main goal is to win the Freeride World Tour! She loves competing, but also finds it challenging. Throughout our interview I got a pretty good feel of how tough it is to compete in the FWT. Lorraine mentioned several times that it isn’t a coincidence that the rider who win, are over 30 years old. You need the experience! We also got talking on some of her other project, like her upcoming movie ‘As we Are’(!/as.we.are) Read more about this next week!

Lorraine has also filmed with Warren Miller, check out her segment in Dynasty (2009):

And last season she filmed with Warren Miller again, in her hometown Lech am Arlberg! I can’t wait to see her compete in the FWT this year. She is hungry for a win and working really really hard for it.. So I’m claiming it is only a matter of time until she has her first win.. She is focused and determined to win!

Check out the FWT teaser for 2011:


  • AlexSki
    AlexSki op 26 oktober 2010 · 16:36
    Hee, gaan we al across the border 😃
  • op 4 november 2010 · 23:25
    Lorraine is geweldig!!! Loving your skiing mate!!


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