busy in summer

Door irian op 11 mei 2012 · 0

Maybe you wonder what keeps me busy in summer when I can’t freeride. Well, I live as a gipsy so I can go climbing, wild water kayaking, dancing, surfing etc. where ever it is beautiful in this world.
To pay all this I have many different works. I teach wild water kayaking, biking and inline skating to students, I worked at a farm, I constructed walking roads in a national park in the Alps and since 10 years I rebuild houses in France. Always with naturel materials, stone and wood.

Now I am at work at my parents place, they sold everything in Holland and bought a piece of land with ruins in south France.
I help them repairing everything in the old style with stones we find and we cut our own threes to construct with in the old fashion without nails or screws. The water comes from a well behind the house, we eat out the garden and heat with wood from our forest. To go somewhere you first have to drive a car track two KM through the forest to find an asphalt road. The next houses you can see are far away on the other site of the valley. A beautiful place hided in France. My parents rent a guest house (the ‘porcherie’) www.cabreperdu.com

Check the pictures at www.irianvanhelfteren.com to see what we have done since 2000.


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