And again some powder

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Seb (8 years old, wearing a beacon) this morning @[Gargellen](
Seb (8 years old, wearing a beacon) this morning @[Gargellen](

I’m riding powder with my kids in the Montafon region. They are wearing a beacon, it don’t get too steep and there aren’t any steep faces above is. It’s been amazing! Just think about the fact that knee deep for us, means faceshots for a six and eight year old. I did some safety training as well and explained to them what drift snow is, the influence of the wind and the sun….but we had some great powder runs! The sky was pretty overcast this afternoon and another 5-10 centimeters came down.

Winter everywhere!

It’s the end of March, but it’s pretty much winter everywhere! Reports from all over the northern hemisphere are coming in through Powfinder, showing that King Winter has not left the building!

It's getting warm, but temporarily

Friday will be a warm day. Only in the eastern regions of Austria and Italy will be a bit colder. The Atlantic low pressure area is pushing warm air from the southwest into the Alps.

Warm air coming in at 1350 meters altitude on Friday....
Warm air coming in at 1350 meters altitude on Friday....

....but it's winter again at 1500 meters altitude on Monday!

Details of PA#26 are not clear yet

The low pressure area is still following a southern direction. It’ll will bring snow to Courmayeur and the Monte Rosa regions on Saturday. The precipitation expands into the French Alps and the other regions of the southern Alps. But things are going slow….

The high pressure area north of the Alps is bring cold air from the northeast, but not as fast as expected. The low pressure are above the Mediterrenean is bringing the humidity, but where will the two meet and have a nice litte explosion? It will bring some snow to the southern and western Alps for sure and there’s a change that the northern Alps will get some as well. It’s cold enough. Details will shift the next 48 hours, but PowderAlert #26 is ready to rumble. The only question is….when and where will it snow hard enough to announce PowderAlert #26? We'll see in the next update on Saturday!

Stay stoked



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