PowderAlert #21

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Les Sybelles through the PowderQuest app
Les Sybelles through the PowderQuest app

I announced PowderAlert #21 yesterday. More details today. I’m in Japan (Niseko) right now and it’s snowing pretty hard. Since they have artificial lights here in the area I’ll be riding powder tonight as well. Pretty awesome.

Ok, PowderAlert #21. Sunday was a great day and we saw the reports coming in on the PowderQuest App. That will be different today. A front reached the French Alps last night to bring the first snow. A Genua-low is forming in the Po-valley as an reaction to this front and we can get ready for a couple of days with snowfall. It’s getting colder, so it should be really nice.

PowderAlert#21 in three steps

Step 1: Snowfall in the western Alps. A front passed from the west last night. This is caused by storm depression Christine. The lovely lady is sending cold air to the Alps. The snow line will be around 900-1200 meters and you can expect 10-30 centimeters of freshies. The sun will come out on Tuesday.

Powder advice Monday:

Step 2: Snowfall in the southern Alps. As a reaction on Christine a Genua-low is forming (originally called Christine III). Christine III is focused on the southern Alps and, according to the latest snowcaps, will bring the most snow in the Piemonte and Lombardia. The snow line will be around 400-900 meters. The sun will come out on Wednesday.

Powder advice on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Christine III = Genua-low
Christine III = Genua-low

Step 3: Snow for the northern Alps. A high pressure area is settling between the Alps and the atlantic from Tuesday, but the low pressure area is still south of the Alps. This is a situation where the Alps will have to deal with a (north)eastern current and as a result the northern regions in Austria will get some snow. I expect the snow to fall between Tuesday and Wednesday, above 1000 meter around 10-30 centimeters, locally even 50 centimeters. But the base is thinner in the northern Alps and tree runs aren’t possible in many places. Wait for the first snow to fall and explore your resort!

Powder advice Thursday-Friday

The high pressure area will get its grip on the Alps from Thursday and it will be sunny in the Alps. Only the northern regions in Austria might experience some snowfall. It will be temporarily warmer during the weekend, but it will probably get colder again after that. This winter is not over yet!

Now it’s time to hit the Japanese onsen en ride powder in the evening! Life is sweet…

Stay stoked



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