Up to 100 centimeters of freshies

Door meteomorris op 24 maart 2014 · 0

It's deep in the Alps again

The announced winter is back! With locally up to 100 centimeters of freshies and temperatures that are normal for the end of January. Storm Hannelore and her sister Isle brought the northern Alps the best day of the season. And that for the end of March. But winter is going strong again and PowderAlert #24 is on its way!

It was still snowing lightly in the northern Alps today, but these flakes were just the leftovers of the snowfall of the last three days. The weather on Tuesday is some kind of 'in between' weather. Sunny on the peaks, but it might snow at some places. But PowderAlert #24 is on its way and it's for the Italian Piemonte. A new storm is heading for the Gulf of Genua and is expected in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

This storm will bring around 50-100 centimeters of freshies in the Piemonte from Wednesday morning till Friday morning. So, first ride some pow in the northern Alps and than drive around 2-5 hours to the Piemonte. It's pretty quiet in most of the resorts. There aren't any big holidays, there's no such thing as weekend, and a lot of saisonniers already left. The next seven days might be the best of the season. There's snow everywhere and it's really quiet. The warm air will return after the weekend, but the snow will be good on north faces for a while.

PowderAlert #24
PowderAlert #24

A nice week for a trip to the snow!

Stay stoked!



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