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Door ThijsKennis op 27 december 2014 · 0

Snorkling in Nendaz
Snorkling in Nendaz

Yes, it was deep today in many places in the Alps. I'm in Haute-Nendaz for the season and on my first day off from work we hit the jackpot. The pictures speak for themselves, we had a lot of freshies here in Les Quatre Vallées. But, please be careful, because the snowcover is really unstable. We skied only on lower altitudes and not too steep, because everything steeper than 35 degrees started sliding in the blink of an eye.

So, please, if you want to ride powder the next couple of days, always check the local avalanche bulletin and keep in mind that the snowcover is not that stable!

The snowfall on 1500 meter at 1.00 PM

Oli enjoying deep powder
Oli enjoying deep powder

Just one more :)


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