When will the ski areas open their lifts?

Door Arjen op 7 september 2015 · 0

The first snow of the season came down last weekend. It's great to see the highest peaks white again on the webcams, but obviously we need much more snow for the first powder turns. The glaciers didn't have a great summer. It was too warm, they look grey and lots of crevasses are visible at the surface. They kind of look like your grandmother. Beautiful, but not great for riding. To make them like the woman in her mid twenties again, we need much more snow. But fortunately for us there still is plenty of time for the snow to fall. Shared stoke gives hope and before you know it we'll be riding powder again.

Where to go?

Powder trips early in the season have their own charms, but also their difficulties. The stoke in the car during the first drive to the Alps of the season is indescribable. What will the mountains look like? But there are difficulties as well, with the typical alpine dangers in the beginning of the season, but also the more practical problems if a ski area opened its lifts already.

What areas are open?

It's now possible to see on wePowder if the ski areas are open and how many lifts are open. You can check it out on the forecast page. So you know before you go if you can ride some lift-accessed powder.

Check out a list below with the scheduled openings till the middle of November. Now let's wait for the snow to fall.

Already open:

Planned opening for September

Planned opening for October

Planned opening for November


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