Which skis to buy?

  • Warlock
    Warlock op 5 maart 2016 · 13:11
    Hi folks,

    please give me a tip. I am 178 cm and 78 kg intermediate-advanced freerider, now I am riding Armada TST, 174 cm,101 under foot. I think I have a good progress and I want to buy something wider and longer for BM riding. I am thinking about Blizzard boadacious 15/16 in 185 cm or Atomic automatic 117 in 186 cm. BB have a big radius and have won most of the test but I think that AA will be a more foregiving skis and more palyful. Could you please give me a tip which one to buy? Which skis are better? Thanks a lot.
    I have TST 174cm,they should be for playful days,between the trees and so. I need something for more pow days in culoars and steep terrains and big mountain sking. And about forgiving? I am not super rider but I think that I came for limit in TST,so I don't want ski that I will come for its limits in one next year if you understand me. I want some more "professional" staff, that I could ski in next couple of years when I will be progressing my ride. My friend has JJ and I really don't like them,but don't know why,never ride them. Maybe the shape...
    Thanks a lot.

    EDIT: I like big to medium fast turns in open faces in big mountain but need ski that will work also in powder narrow culoars and have ability to make shorter turns (with more work I know) if needed...
  • Cheizz
    Cheizz op 5 maart 2016 · 14:04
    If you want the Automatic 117 in 186, I have a pair for sale, including Salomon STH2 WTR 13 binding, asking price € 350 (PM me if you are interested).

    Here's the ad on this site (Dutch): http://wepowder.nl/forum/topic/225026
    gigiski.com | deskiclub.nl


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