RIP: Elwyn Roy Freeman (18)

Door Arjen op 26 september 2016 · 0

Another young rider passed away... Elwyn Roy Freeman, only 18 years old, died on Saturday the 24th of September during a Freeride World Qualifier in Argentina. Elwyn fell during his descent and hit some rocks pretty hard.

Fourth rider...

Elwyn was born in Trevelin (Argentina) and was a member of the Club Andino de Esquel. Elwyn already is the fourth young rider that passed away this year. Pierre Cologne (20 years, passed away in Chili in September), Matilda Rapaport (30 years, passed away in Chili in July) and Estelle Balet (21 years, passed away in Switzerland in April) died earlier this season.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends. You can find more information here.


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