Salomon Burner 160 (2009)

  • SanderK
    SanderK op 10 december 2016 · 17:22
    Nog lang niet vintage, wel een klassieker: De Salomon Burner (2009)

    SALOMON Burner (160) Freeride Snowboard
    Perfecte plank voor echte snelheidsduivels : Super stabiel , geschikt om keihard poederknallen of door zijn extreme kantengrip lekker carven (.....daar heb je 'm weer) op hoge snelheid .
    Uitgekiend design (spaceframe , zeolite sintered (!) base ,3D contour.... . Nieuwprijs 650 euro WP vraagprijs 200

    PM voor meer info.....

    review: Salomon Burner Snowboard 2009:

    "For speed that makes your cheeks flap, the Salomon Burner Snowboard is your freeride bullet. With a specifically developed contour core, the Burner provides extremely precise edge grip and response. And the Fine Stone Finish means you speed up in powder and soft snow conditions. Feed you speed need and snag the Salomon Burner Snowboard"

    Voor de gear freaks:
    ERA 3D Core Profiling: Milled to create a unique combination of a torsionally supply board that responds to varying terrain; with full core strength and power on the effective edges.

    Quadratic: A blend of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, effortless direction changes and fluid edge to edge transitions.

    Tapered Directional: Tail width is slightly tapered (10-15mm). This loosens up turning initiations and improves floatation in deeper snow without sacrificing edge hold on hard pack.

    SLCT Contour: Developed specifically for the Burner, the Select Contour Core is a multi-density wood core - the more solid, dense wood is on the outside, around the edges, thus providing extremely precise edge grip and response,

    ITC: Custom woven, specifically oriented fibers, efficiently transmit energy directly from your feet to the rails, with no unnecessary material or weight.

    Zeolit: Small particles of hydrophobic Zeolit, fused into high molecular weight Sintered base to generate an exothermic reaction on snow; a micro-thin film of water between the snow and your base, Fine Stone Finish: a particularly efficient on 4000EG base, speed up in powder or softer snow conditions.

    Ability Level:Intermediate-Advanced



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