Four people killed by an avalanche in Austria

Door Arjen op 15 maart 2017 · 0

Very sad news coming from Austria today. Four people were killed by an avalanche on the Jochgrubenkopf in the Zillertaler Alps. They were part of a group of eight. Four skiers were able to free themselves, the other four were buried underneath the snow.

Mountain rescue

The group triggered the avalanche on a steep slope at around 12.30. According to the Tiroler Lawinendienst it was a steep north face. Mountain rescue has been searching with four helicopters, avalanche dogs, alpine police and more rescue professionals. Unfortunately they couldn't rescue the four people who got buried. Three of them were localizes quickly, but help came too late. The fourth person was localized after a couple of hours.

Avalanche danger

The avalanche was 700 meters long and the crown of the avalanche was two meters high. The avalanche danger was 2 (on a scale of 5). Our thoughts are with families and friends of the victims...


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